Dixie v3

Dixie is now in heroku as application, because got suspended by the hosting before. But you still can see the update from GitHub.

There are 3 ways to update Dixie:

  1. You can upload Dixie manually in the update page using the update file. Download the version 3 here: Dixie v3
  2. Using updater plugin, download here: Updater Plugin
  3. Or if you want to re-install the whole website, you can try the installer, download here: Dixie Installer

If you find something wrong or error in updater plugin and the installer, please let me know to fix it.

Here are the changes as version 3.1.1

  • Remove ROOT replaced by DROOT
  • Upgrade content editor - CKeditor v4.4.7
  • Add jQuery UI 1.11.4
  • Change jQuery version to 2.1.3
  • Add icon by font awesome
  • Add registry icon
  • Add date picker
  • Add UI menu re-order + action
  • Add UI sidebar re-order + action
  • Use checkbox bootstrap
  • Add filter limit posts 10 to 1000
  • Add UI for upload files
  • Create english manual v2.4
  • Create indonesia manual v2.4
  • Rearrange form with table
  • Change admin theme to Black
  • Optimizing css and html tags
  • Add mobile content editor nicEdit
  • Extend locale database
  • Implement template feature as Mueeza
  • Auto load theme edit page
  • Add plugin edit page and the action data
  • New Theme added as default (Dixie 3)
    • DCV >= 3.0
    • Has more optional template file
  • Fix several errors
  • Fix get category function
  • Remove old official comment of files
  • Add developer action
  • Strip tag post content for mobile text
  • Build database cross domain Ldb v2.6
  • Add file Ldb2.connect.php
  • Remove unnecessary files
  • Move update server to heroku

I wish you enjoy this CMS, and thank you for using Dixie as you CMS. :)